What is Marxism?

By Judy Beishon The following introduction to marxism has been republished from the Socialist Party of England and Wales – a section of the Committee for a Workers’ International, the international organization which ISG stands in political solidarity with. Information about the Introduction to Marxism pamphlets referenced can be found at the Socialist Party’s website,Continue reading “What is Marxism?”

Railroad Workers, Socialists, Union Members and Other Activists Protest Strikebreaker-in-Chief!

On Friday December 2nd, 2022 Independent Socialist Group (ISG), Railroad Workers United, and Democratic Socialists of America worked together to protest a visit by Biden to Boston. The protest happened shortly after Biden signed legislation from Congress that imposed a contract that was rejected by the majority of Class 1 freight railroad workers. See ourContinue reading “Railroad Workers, Socialists, Union Members and Other Activists Protest Strikebreaker-in-Chief!”

Democrats Lead Bipartisan Assault on Right to Strike

Congress imposes rotten contract on railroad workers by the Executive Committee of the Independent Socialist Group and Nicholas Wurst (CSX Conductor, member of SMART-TD personal capacity) The Independent Socialist Group opposes the decision by Biden and Congress to force an unfair, unsafe, and unlivable contract on railroad workers who have already voted to reject it!Continue reading “Democrats Lead Bipartisan Assault on Right to Strike”

Protest Strikebreaker-In-Chief Biden in Boston!

Solidarity with railroad workers fighting against the unfair contract being imposed by Congress! At the urging of the Democratic Party, President Biden, House Speaker Pelosi, and Labor Secretary Marty Walsh, the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives has voted to take away railroad unions’ right to strike and force railroad workers to work under a contract thatContinue reading “Protest Strikebreaker-In-Chief Biden in Boston!”

Temple University Graduate Workers Poised to Strike for Fair Contract

The Independent Socialist Group spoke with a second year graduate student and Teaching Assistant (TA) in the Physics Department who is a graduate worker union activist.  When did you become involved with the grad worker union at Temple? I first joined the union, Temple University Graduate Students’ Association (TUGSA), in March of this year, allowingContinue reading “Temple University Graduate Workers Poised to Strike for Fair Contract”

Why Elections Matter in the Fight for Socialism

Independent Socialist Group Executive Committee In the context of the U.S. midterm elections, what is the relevance to the fight for socialism? In an election where over $9 billion has been spent on advertising for the two corporate parties, the Republicans and Democrats, and their candidates, working people have no political party of their ownContinue reading “Why Elections Matter in the Fight for Socialism”

Solidarity With Portland Starbucks Union!

In a historic win on October 17, the Portland Starbucks location on 176 Middle Street voted to unionize. The 10-3 win makes the Middle Street location the first Starbucks to unionize in Portland, and the second Starbucks in Maine, right after the Biddeford location that successfully organized back in July. Both now join the ranksContinue reading “Solidarity With Portland Starbucks Union!”

Sysco Boston Teamsters Strike and Win a Better Contract!

By Peggy Wang (APA, MTA/NEA – personal capacity) Among the industries most vital to the economy is logistics and distribution, and one of its biggest players is Sysco. Sysco is the largest food distributor in the world, with an estimated 30% of the sector’s market sales in the U.S. alone [American Economic Liberties Project, 10/6/2022].Continue reading “Sysco Boston Teamsters Strike and Win a Better Contract!”

Clark Graduate Students Win First Contract After Successful 5-Day Strike Action

By Evren Pallares O Laoghaire, Teamsters Local 170 (personal capacity) On October 3rd at 10:30am, Clark University Graduate Workers United-Teamsters (CUGWU-Teamsters) in Worcester, Massachusetts went on strike after months of bad faith negotiations by Clark’s administration and legal team. The picket line, which interrupted deliveries and construction on campus, forced the administration back to theContinue reading “Clark Graduate Students Win First Contract After Successful 5-Day Strike Action”