Democrats Lead Bipartisan Assault on Right to Strike (12/2/2022) - Congress imposes rotten contract on railroad workers by the Executive Committee of the Independent Socialist Group and Nicholas Wurst (CSX Conductor, member of SMART-TD personal capacity) The Independent Socialist Group opposes the decision by Biden and Congress to force an unfair, unsafe, and unlivable contract on railroad workers who have already voted to reject it!Continue reading "Democrats Lead Bipartisan Assault on Right to Strike"
Why Elections Matter in the Fight for Socialism (11/24/2022) - Independent Socialist Group Executive Committee In the context of the U.S. midterm elections, what is the relevance to the fight for socialism? In an election where over $9 billion has been spent on advertising for the two corporate parties, the Republicans and Democrats, and their candidates, working people have no political party of their ownContinue reading "Why Elections Matter in the Fight for Socialism"
Why I Support Question D: Tipped Worker Responds to Local Businesses’ Lies (11/13/2022) - By Lauren Gamble (Barista and Shift Lead) This November, there was a minimum wage referendum on the ballot in Portland, Maine. It quickly became a contentious issue. The referendum, drafted by the Maine chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), seeks to both raise Portland’s minimum wage to $18 per hour and end theContinue reading "Why I Support Question D: Tipped Worker Responds to Local Businesses’ Lies"
Midterm Elections Show We Need a Workers Party (10/29/2022) - by Jeff Booth, Massachusetts, AFSCME Local 3650 (personal capacity) On November 8th there is another, we’re told, “most important election of our lifetime”. The midterm elections take place two years into Democratic Party control of the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the White House. The elections in November will include Congressional elections for allContinue reading "Midterm Elections Show We Need a Workers Party"
Why ISG Supports the Massachusetts Fair Share Amendment (8/23/2022) - By Josh B.  The Massachusetts Fair Share Amendment is a ballot question up for vote in the November 2022 elections. It would introduce a tax on residents of Massachusetts making more than $1 million in annual income, raising the state tax rate from 5% to 9% for every dollar earned after the first million. ThisContinue reading "Why ISG Supports the Massachusetts Fair Share Amendment"
No Appointment Can Bring Democracy to the Supreme Court (3/11/2022) - U.S. Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer recently announced his resignation from the Court, but no matter who replaces him, it won’t change the anti-working-class character of the Supreme Court.
Biden Fails on COVID & More – No Faith in Democrats, Build a Workers’ Party! (2/2/2022) - by Jeff Booth (AFSCME Local 3650, personal capacity) This article was originally published in Socialism Today, the paper of the Independent Socialist Group. Subscribe to the paper to receive each issue in print and read the articles before they’re published online! The two corporate political parties are positioning themselves for the 2022 congressional elections. TheContinue reading "Biden Fails on COVID & More – No Faith in Democrats, Build a Workers’ Party!"

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