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Has Biden Delivered? (6/24/2021) - Biden’s “honeymoon period” has been largely bolstered by the roll-out of the vaccine, the resultant re-opening of society and economic impact. Widespread relief cannot disguise that Biden is failing to deliver on his already-inadequate campaign promises.
Biden Administration Continues Anti-Immigrant Policies (6/18/2021) - Biden ending the “remain in Mexico” policy and terminating the wealth test for migrants are positive developments. But while these orders come as welcome news, the Biden administration has not taken a much different approach from the violent anti-immigrant policies of Obama, Trump, and numerous presidents before them. In fact, the Biden administration has continued or strengthened policies that were at the heart of Trump’s disastrous immigration agenda. 
INTERVIEW – Does “nobody want to work anymore”? (6/17/2021) - Capitalism’s “labor shortage” from the perspective of a tipped worker.
Rich Dodge Paying Taxes by the Billions (6/15/2021) - by Jai Chavis In October 2020, wealth data showed that the 50 richest Americans owned as much wealth as the bottom 50% of the US population, a stark reminder of how extreme income inequality and profit accumulation has become in the past few years. Inequality has accelerated through the huge profits gained by the richestContinue reading "Rich Dodge Paying Taxes by the Billions"
Escalate the St. Vincent Hospital Strike – Take the Fight to Tenet! (6/13/2021) - The unionized nurses at St. Vincent Hospital are continuing to fight against Tenet Healthcare Corporation in their third month on strike for safe staffing levels and a fair contract. Nurses and patients both suffer from for-profit healthcare’s cost-cutting tactics such as understaffing, low pay, poor benefits, and rushed, expensive care. They bore the brunt ofContinue reading "Escalate the St. Vincent Hospital Strike – Take the Fight to Tenet!"
Pride is a Protest – Solidarity Wins LGBTQ+ Rights! (6/12/2021) - It’s been six years since the oppressive bans on same-sex marriage in the US were overturned by a Supreme Court decision. Yet homophobic oppression hasn’t disappeared with legal equality. The LGBTQ+ community needs more than symbolic support and token representation—we need a real material improvement in our conditions!
Worcester Telegram & Gazette Attacks Striking Nurses (5/12/2021) - by Sarah Beth Gable SEIU Local 509 (Personal Capacity) “What You Need to Know about the St. Vincent Strike” ran in the Worcester Telegram and Gazette (T&G) on March 31. A more accurate title would have been “Why you should feel bad for Tenet Healthcare.” Tenet, a multibillion-dollar, multistate conglomerate, owns and operates St. Vincent HospitalContinue reading "Worcester Telegram & Gazette Attacks Striking Nurses"

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