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What’s Next for the Anti-Racist Movement? (6/5/2020) - The protests against racism and police violence that have exploded across the country are an expression of deep anger at an unjust system. What happens next will determine whether the protests lead to lasting change. We need to build a truly mass movement to unite workers of all races in the struggle against capitalism and the racist inequality and violence that the system was founded upon. Only a multi-racial working-class movement has the power to win demands like demilitarizing the police, convicting killer cops, ending the war on drugs, and community control of the police.
UMass Amherst: Graduate Student Workers Deserve Dignity (6/2/2020) - Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, UMass Amherst withholds vacation payouts, leaves precarious workers without summer pay, evicts workers and their families from university housing, and threatens job cuts. ISG interviews a member of the graduate student union, who says: “A living wage, access to safe and affordable housing, decent healthcare and paid-time off, represent not excesses, but a right to dignity.”
Capitalism’s Response to COVID Infects Higher Ed: Graduate Student Workers Fight Back! (6/2/2020) - Universities around the country are using the pandemic to justify further cuts and austerity for already low-paid graduate student and adjunct instructors. But higher ed workers, especially unionized graduate students, are fighting back!
Amidst Pandemic, Anti-Racist Movement Reignited by Killer Cops (5/29/2020) - by Jai Chavis and Nicholas Wurst (TCU/IAM Local 1089, personal capacity) On May 25th, police in Minneapolis choked George Floyd, an unarmed black man, to death. His killing was disturbingly reminiscent of the NYPD killing of Eric Garner in 2014. A released video recorded by bystanders shows Floyd repeatedly pleading “I can’t breathe” as hisContinue reading "Amidst Pandemic, Anti-Racist Movement Reignited by Killer Cops"
COVID-19 Could Be a Death Sentence for Thousands of Prisoners (5/17/2020) - For the millions of people incarcerated by the United States, social distancing is not an option. COVID-19 will kill untold numbers of inmates in prisons and ICE detention facilities unless we act now! A movement of the working class is essential to dismantling the Prison-Industrial complex, and building a socialist world.
Reopening the U.S. Safely: Putting Our Health Above Profits (5/14/2020) - As Trump bails out his capitalist friends, workers are forced to sacrifice their health to keep the economy running. Americans are struggling to decide "do I work and risk infection or stay home and lose income?" We need a plan for combating the pandemic and safely re-opening the economy that doesn't risk workers' lives. Workers can organize for a safe re-opening and a new, socialist system that prioritizes people over profits.
Coronavirus Strikes; So Do We! (5/9/2020) - Despite record levels of unemployment, workers from diverse sectors of the economy have turned to collective action, fighting not only for a living wage and safe working conditions, but for their right to live! Amazon warehouse workers, Whole Foods workers, nurses, meat packers, bus drivers, nurses, and more are all sending a message to the capitalists – we won’t die for your profits!

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