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Trump’s Out – What Next? (1/31/2021) - Trump’s loss has been a relief to many Americans. There is mass anger at the actions of his administration from deploying the Department of Homeland Security against protestors, to massive tax cuts for the rich, to continued austerity for public services such as cutting SNAP and the Low Income Energy Home Assistance Program, alongside bailouts and tax cuts for corporations, and more. Any defeat of a right-wing figure can be seen as positive, but Biden’s election is far from a victory for the working class. Biden represents the same capitalist interests as Trump.
A Socialist Response to Pro-Trump Riot in DC (1/7/2021) - On January 6th, the Congress of the United States formally certified the results of the Electoral College, which Joe Biden won. On the same day, President Trump gave a speech to a rally outside the White House, where he continued to claim victory in the 2020 election. This speech was one part of the largerContinue reading "A Socialist Response to Pro-Trump Riot in DC"
Build a Movement to Fight the Far-Right (10/24/2020) - by Claire Bayler and Jai Chavis If you’ve been to a protest in the last four years, you’ve probably seen at least one sign saying “No Trump! No KKK! No fascist USA.” Amidst increasing right-wing violence, like the 2017 battle in Charlottesville, the right-wing militia shootings in Kenosha, WI, and the recent plot to kidnapContinue reading "Build a Movement to Fight the Far-Right"
Socialism Episode 82: Trotsky, fascism, and the ‘united front’ (9/10/2020) - Socialism is a weekly podcast produced by the Socialist Party of England and Wales, offering a Marxist analysis of the issues we face and the struggles of workers and youth around the world. Episode 66, the latest episode of the podcast, looks at the ongoing decline of US imperialism, as capitalist chaos and coronavirus struggles envelop our nation. More episodes of Socialism can be found on iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud, as well as many other podcast services.
The danger of the far right today (3/25/2020) - This article was originally written for, the website of the Committee for a Workers’ International. With right-wing politicians, like Hungarian premier, Viktor Orbán, not slow to blame ‘foreigners’ for the coronavirus crisis, the looming world downturn could provide new opportunities for the far right to develop. The continuing murderous activity in Europe and furtherContinue reading "The danger of the far right today"

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