Public Ownership Needed to Stop Capitalist Energy Crisis

by Ben Desjarlais This winter, working-class families across the world are acutely aware of the falling temperatures and rising costs of heating and other utilities. Households in the Northeastern U.S. are rationing high-cost heating oil to try to ensure they have enough for the winter. In the South, many fear the return of last winter’sContinue reading “Public Ownership Needed to Stop Capitalist Energy Crisis”

U.S. Corporations Profit from War in Europe

by Jacob Bilsky As Russia continues its brutal invasion of Ukraine and workers across Europe face both cost of living and energy crises, U.S. weapons and oil corporations rake in massive profits. Reports in early 2022 indicated rebounding profits for U.S. weapons manufacturers, despite losses caused by supply chain disruptions and the U.S. withdrawal fromContinue reading “U.S. Corporations Profit from War in Europe”

Why I’m Voting for the Union: UChicago Graduate Workers Mobilize for Recognition

by Parker Robbins, Graduate Students United – United Electrical Workers (personal capacity) Graduate workers are the backbone of American universities: we teach classes, conduct research, and are severely overworked and underpaid. According to a survey of University of California (UC) workers by the United Auto Workers, 92 percent of graduate workers spent more than 30Continue reading “Why I’m Voting for the Union: UChicago Graduate Workers Mobilize for Recognition”

Mass Joint Strike at University of California

by Cass Zegura, former UAW Local 2865 member On Monday, November 14, 2022 graduate and postdoctoral workers across the University of California system began their historic strike in response to the system’s bad-faith bargaining and pitiful offers during contract negotiations. At its peak, the strike was 48,000 workers strong across the UC’s ten campuses andContinue reading “Mass Joint Strike at University of California”

Justice for Tyre Nichols: Build the Fightback Against Police Brutality

Memphis police stopped Tyre Nichols on the night of January 7th due to alleged reckless driving. Five officers surrounded and beat him with such force that he was hospitalized for three days until he tragically passed from his injuries. Initially, the officers involved in murdering Nichols were only fired. However, ahead of the public releaseContinue reading “Justice for Tyre Nichols: Build the Fightback Against Police Brutality”

CLUB Q SHOOTING: Workers’ movement must fight against far-right hate!

by CJ White and Elisabeth Wichser Each year, the week of November 13 is celebrated as Transgender Awareness Week: a time for events, education, and advocacy for the transgender community. This week is followed by the Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDoR), a day to remember and memorialize people taken from us by acts of hateContinue reading “CLUB Q SHOOTING: Workers’ movement must fight against far-right hate!”

What Way Forward for Rail Workers?

by Nicholas Wurst (SMART-TD Local 1473, personal capacity) On December 2, 2022 the Independent Socialist Group (ISG) published a statement opposing the decision by Congress and President Biden to impose a concessionary contract on rail workers who struggled for over 3 years for a new agreement.  “The Independent Socialist Group opposes the decision by BidenContinue reading “What Way Forward for Rail Workers?”

January 6th and the Future of Trumpism

by the Executive Committee of the Independent Socialist Group “The executive of the modern state is but a committee for managing the common affairs of the whole bourgeoisie.” Marx and Engels, Manifesto of the Communist Party January 6, 2023 marked two years since the right-wing political riot at the Capitol. The riot shocked the politicalContinue reading “January 6th and the Future of Trumpism”

Happy New Year From The Independent Socialist Group!

Friends and supporters, Independent Socialist Group (ISG) would like to thank everyone who has supported us in our work in 2022. In the past year we launched our newspaper, Socialism Today. Issue #9, which we just completed, is our first issue for 2023, our second year of publication. We organized and participated in actions aroundContinue reading “Happy New Year From The Independent Socialist Group!”