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  • On 20 March, the IMF announced a $3 billion bailout (over 4 years) for Sri Lanka. However, this deal is nowhere near enough to solve the deep crisis that Sri Lanka faces. Despite declaring bankruptcy, […] The post Sri Lanka: IMF deal is not a solution – restart decisive struggle against government attacks! appeared first […]
  • As tens of thousands of workers brought much of London to a standstill on 15 March – alongside hundreds of thousands more, around 600,000 striking in total – chancellor Jeremy Hunt announced his something-of-a-nothing budget. […] The post Britain: Tory government’s budget for rich, as turmoil sweeps world banking system appeared first on .
  • On November 7th, 2021 a law court in Argentina sentenced Cesar Arakaki (a member of Partido Obrero) and Daniel Ruiz (a member of PSTU) to three and six months and three years in prison, respectively. […] The post International appeal: Release Cesar Arakaki and Daniel Ruiz – stop criminalization of protests! appeared first on .
  • On 8th February 2023, tens of thousands of retired workers in Wuhan gathered at the city government building to protest against the upcoming new health care ‘reform’, known as the Implementation Rules for Outpatient Mutual Assistance […] The post China: Thousands protest against healthcare ‘reform’ appeared first on .
  • Macron and his Elizabeth Borne-led government, unsure whether they would have a majority, have finally resorted to using article 49-3 of the Constitution to force through the breakup of pensions without a vote of the […] The post France: Macron resorts to article 49-3 to force through pension changes appeared first on .


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