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  • On May 14th, Thailand voters came out resoundingly against the nine-year military rule by casting their votes for anti-junta parties. The newly formed Move Forward Party (MFP) became the biggest party in parliament by winning […] The post Voters in Thailand resoundingly reject military rule appeared first on .
  • At a time of increasing turmoil in the US and globally, Bernie Sanders has produced a devastating critique of capitalism. But unfortunately, not with a clear path to a real socialist and democratic alternative. This […] The post Book review: It’s OK to Be Angry About Capitalism, by Bernie Sanders appeared first on .
  • Around 1,650 contractors across five companies are due to strike in June in the North Sea. The planned action is for two 48-hour strikes starting June 1 until June 3 and then June 8 to […] The post Scotland: North Sea oil industry workers escalate strike action appeared first on .
  • The next general election will be fought on a “mix of culture wars and trans debate,” according to Tory deputy chairman Lee Anderson. Fighting elections on anything but their own record is becoming the main […] The post A socialist charter for LGBTQ+ rights appeared first on .
  • The recent, and unfinished, crisis in the Scottish National Party raises questions about the future prospects for Scottish independence. PHILIP STOTT from Socialist Party Scotland (CWI Scotland) analyses current events and looks at where the […] The post Where now for Scottish independence? appeared first on .


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