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  • Thousands of university and college students are returning to further and higher education campuses despite warnings this will lead to significant outbreaks of Covid-19. The University and College Union (UCU) and other education unions are […] The post Britain: Covid and the universities appeared first on .
  • The 2020 presidential election is taking place in the midst of a deep crisis of US capitalism and its political system. The COVID-19 pandemic continues to hammer the US, with a death toll over 180,000—more […] The post Democratic, Republican, and Peoples’ Conventions – What way forward for workers? appeared first on .
  • The long-predicted second wave of COVID-19 is now a fact. In the two weeks up to 18th September, 3001 cases of infections were reported in Ireland. Cases started to grow in August as restrictions eased […] The post Ireland: Covid-19 second wave deepens political crisis appeared first on .
  • The Committee for a workers’ international will host a live discussion with Howie Hawkins and Angela Walker (Green presidential and Vice Presidential candidates) this Sunday 27 September 3pm (BST time). This live event will hear […] The post Interview with US presidential candidate appeared first on .
  • On July 24th, lightning sparked the first fires of what would become one of the worst wildfire seasons in US history.  Just under two months later almost 5,800,000 million acres have burned in California and […] The post California and the Pacific Northwest ravaged by worst wildfires in US history appeared first on .


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