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Updates from the CWI

  • The video link below features Carmel Gates, General Secretary of the Nothern Ireland Public Services Alliance (personal capacity) – the largest trade union in the North of Ireland – and a Militant Left (CWI Ireland) […] The post Bloody Sunday Trust debate: Civil rights and the role of trade unions appeared first on .
  • Wednesday 1st February has been the biggest day of action yet in the growing strike wave over pay, terms, and conditions in Britain, with five unions taking national action: Education unions NEU and UCU, rail […] The post 1st February – Half a million on strike in Britain appeared first on .
  • The following document on European perspectives was presented to and agreed upon at an International Executive Committee of the Committee for a Workers’ International (CWI) in-person meeting, held from 23-27 January 2023.  socialistworld.net Rapidly changing […] The post Europe – War, economic crisis and rising class struggle appeared first on .
  • The new, far-right, ultra-nationalist Israeli government was sworn in in December 2022. It has already provoked unprecedented protests in Israel. On 14 January 80,000 took to the streets, despite threats from the internal security minister […] The post Israel: Mass protests against far-right, ultra-nationalist government appeared first on .
  • The following document was presented to and agreed by the International Executive Committee of the CWI, which held a meeting from 23-27 January 2023′ Introduction Not Like Other Crises Tsunami of a Debt Crises Amazon […] The post Capitalist society convulsed and in turmoil: new challenges and tasks for Marxists and the working class appeared […]


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