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  • After postponement, a referendum was finally held on the Chilean constitution on 25 October and resulted in a crushing majority in favour of change. After 90.78% of the vote was counted, 78.24% cast to change […] The post Chile votes to change the constitution – A defeat for the right! appeared first on .
  • ‘Project Big Picture’ – a plan initially put forward by Manchester United and Liverpool football clubs, and discussed by the English Premier League – is a plan put forward ostensibly to offer the football industry […] The post Football: Beware billionaires bearing gifts appeared first on .
  • “A new poll has suggested that 58% now say that they would vote Yes in another independence referendum” in Scotland, noted the elections analyst professor John Curtice, writing for the BBC website on October 14.  […] The post Scotland: Independence showdown looming appeared first on .
  • Delayed elections in Bolivia brought a stunning victory of the left-populist MAS and a crushing defeat for the right and “centre” parties representing the Bolivian ruling class. Luis Arce of the Movimiento al Socialismismo (MAS) […] The post Victory for MAS and crushing defeat for right in Bolivian elections appeared first on .
  • The Democratic Socialist Movement (CWI Nigeria) produced a special issue of its newspaper, Socialist Democracy, this week, as mass protests take place against repressive police and the Buhari government. Below is the text of the […] The post Nigeria: Buhari must go! appeared first on .


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