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Abortion, Miranda Rights, and more under attack (7/16/2022) - Wave of Conservative rulings from Supreme Court By Sam Skinner Protests have erupted across the U.S. since the Supreme Court issued a series of rulings attacking the civil rights of working people—most notably the reversal of Roe v. Wade which guaranteed a legal right to abortion nationwide. Many states have spent the last few decadesContinue reading "Abortion, Miranda Rights, and more under attack"
Russian Invasion Stalls, U.S. Arms Companies Profit (6/13/2022) - by Ashley Rogers April 6 2022: Ukrainian National Guardsman, taken in 2022 during the Russian-Ukrainian War. (Wikimedia) It’s been over three months since the beginning of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. After a push to capture key Ukrainian cities in the first few weeks of the war, stronger resistance than expected forced Russian military leaders toContinue reading "Russian Invasion Stalls, U.S. Arms Companies Profit"
Socialist Refugee from Ukraine Speaks to the Committee for a Workers’ International (5/9/2022) - In mid-April, the Russian military withdrew from northern Ukraine to focus its invasion on occupying the Donbas region in the east, where ethnic Russians and the Ukrainian government have engaged in eight years of civil war. The Russian offensive in Ukraine has been bogged down since the initial invasion in February. The resistance has been much stiffer than the Russian military likely anticipated. The withdrawal from the north is a clear setback for Russian imperialism. The human cost of the invasion becomes increasingly apparent, with the U.N. reporting at least 3,000 confirmed civilian deaths since the invasion. 
Imperialist Powers Clash over Ukraine (3/2/2022) - 2018: Members of the US military assigned to the the Joint Multinational Training Group – Ukraine, the “name given to the mission of training, equipping, training center development and doctrinal assistance to the Ukrainian armed forces”. (US Army) Photo by DoD by Elisabeth Wichser This article went to print in the March edition of ourContinue reading "Imperialist Powers Clash over Ukraine"
No War in Ukraine! (3/2/2022) - On February 24th, Russian President Vladimir Putin declared a “special military operation” and invaded Ukraine. Socialists and the wider working-class movement must condemn Russia’s military invasion, which has already caused the deaths of many innocent civilians. The Independent Socialist Group (ISG) stands resolutely opposed to all capitalist wars and reactionary nationalism that pits workers againstContinue reading "No War in Ukraine!"
Pandora Papers Reveal Ruling-Class Tax Evasion on a Global Scale (10/29/2021) - by Ashley Rogers The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) announced a bombshell financial leak on October 3rd, revealing a cache of almost 12 million documents – nicknamed the “Pandora Papers” – relating to the offshore finances of the world’s most powerful politicians, businessmen, and heads of state. The depths of these files reveal theContinue reading "Pandora Papers Reveal Ruling-Class Tax Evasion on a Global Scale"
‘Pandora papers’ put capitalism on trial (10/6/2021) - This article, written by Tony Saunois, was originally published on, the website of the Committee for a Workers’ International (CWI). The explosive leaking of 6.4 million documents and 1.2 million emails, the ‘Pandora papers’, showing the grotesque activities of the super-rich, stashing billions of US$ in offshore accounts to avoid tax and to launderContinue reading "‘Pandora papers’ put capitalism on trial"

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