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COVID-19 Could Be a Death Sentence for Thousands of Prisoners (5/17/2020) - For the millions of people incarcerated by the United States, social distancing is not an option. COVID-19 will kill untold numbers of inmates in prisons and ICE detention facilities unless we act now! A movement of the working class is essential to dismantling the Prison-Industrial complex, and building a socialist world.
New era of capitalist turmoil and social upheaval opens – only a socialist alternative offers a way forward (5/16/2020) - The partial re-opening of the economy is not going to avert an unprecedented economic, social and political crisis. Although the data is unreliable and not 100% accurate, it all points to a crisis unparalleled since the 1930s.
International Workers Day – CWI Organizes Around the World (5/3/2020) - The global shutdown didn't stop the workers' movement and the Committee for a Workers' International from celebrating International Workers Day on May 1st! The pandemic and economic crisis made this day of traditional struggle more important than ever. Check out the international rallies that ISG members spoke at on May 1st about how to organize the fight for universal free healthcare and job protection in the US!
International Workers’ Day 2020: Lives on the line as the capitalists order us back to work (4/30/2020) - International Workers’ Day, also known as May Day, was born from the titanic struggle of the working class for the eight-hour workday, and throughout the years it has served as a flash point for workers’ struggles. Many past May Day struggles have been about workplace safety, and have meant life or death for the workers involved. This year, workers globally are organizing against capitalism's failed response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Student News Agency U.S. Capitalism, Not Just Trump, Discredited by Inhumane COVID-19 Response (4/23/2020) - As the death toll climbs and the Stock Market falls, what is the socialist perspective on the COVID-19 crisis? The capitalists have had their chance to fight this pandemic; we can do better! Read about the looming recession, workers resistance, and the need for a party of the working class in the time of COVID-19.
Global COVID-19 pandemic, capitalist crisis and bitter class polarization in the United States (4/21/2020) - The devastating consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the unprecedented economic global capitalist crisis which it triggered, has continued to ravage all continents. It could cause the onset of one of the deepest recessions, with elements of depression, in the history of capitalism.
CWI: An emergency programme to fight Covid-19 and protect working people (4/18/2020) - In this unprecedented time of the Covid-19 pandemic and rapid economic collapse, the Committee for a Workers’ International (CWI) believes that capitalism and the ruling classes cannot be trusted to defend and provide for the vast majority on the planet.

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