Workers and Youth Need Fare-Free Transit Now! (9/24/2022) - by Katt McCann In June of this year, gas prices went up to an average of nearly five dollars a gallon for residents of major cities nationwide, causing many workers to abandon their cars and look towards their local public transit. However, the crumbling public transit infrastructure in the United States means there is littleContinue reading "Workers and Youth Need Fare-Free Transit Now!"
Gas Companies Price-gouging Workers (8/17/2022) - by Ryan Vuz Workers around the country are now paying an average of $5 for a gallon of gasoline: a situation which only seems to be getting worse. Some economists are predicting that the price of a barrel of oil may surge to upwards of $175 from its current price of around $105 as ofContinue reading "Gas Companies Price-gouging Workers"
Biden breaks student loan promises and ends payment freeze (8/3/2022) - by Char Scott Millions of Americans have benefited from the student loan freeze implemented during the start of the pandemic, and many rightfully demand forgiveness for all student loans. Higher education should be a right, but it’s prohibitively expensive for most of the working class. Moreover, the huge costs of attending college are growing worseContinue reading "Biden breaks student loan promises and ends payment freeze"
Corporations and Government Failed to Address Baby Formula Shortage (7/31/2022) - By Angus McFarland Parenting has never been easy for working people, and during the last few years the challenges have doubled and redoubled.  Precarious work, absence of paid parental leave, and low wages have created conditions where both parents (in a two parent household) must work as soon and as much as possible after theirContinue reading "Corporations and Government Failed to Address Baby Formula Shortage"
Supply Chain Crisis Deepens – Interview with a Rail Worker (6/27/2022) - by Sam Skinner Nicholas Wurst is a freight conductor in Massachusetts for CSX and is a member of SMART-TD, one of the rail unions. Previously he worked in an intermodal yard for CSX and was a member of TCU/IAM. He is a  member of the Independent Socialist Group.  The news is full of stories aboutContinue reading "Supply Chain Crisis Deepens – Interview with a Rail Worker"
Inflation Crisis Hurts Workers (6/1/2022) - by Gray Hauff & Milena Germon With the prices of everyday goods on the rise and wages failing to keep up, working-class people are looking for answers and economic alternatives. Essentials are rising in cost—gas, groceries, and rent, to name a major few—and nobody in power seems to be doing anything to help working people. Continue reading "Inflation Crisis Hurts Workers"
Recession Looms, Workers are Already Paying the Price (5/30/2022) - by Jacob Bilsky Economists and bankers are talking about a possible recession in the United States and the world economy. Falling stock prices are slowing the capitalists’ profits, and they will make the working-class pay the price with layoffs, inflation, and government bailouts for corporations. Working people are already feeling the effects of the growingContinue reading "Recession Looms, Workers are Already Paying the Price"

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