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Pandora Papers Reveal Ruling-Class Tax Evasion on a Global Scale (10/29/2021) - by Ashley Rogers The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) announced a bombshell financial leak on October 3rd, revealing a cache of almost 12 million documents – nicknamed the “Pandora Papers” – relating to the offshore finances of the world’s most powerful politicians, businessmen, and heads of state. The depths of these files reveal theContinue reading "Pandora Papers Reveal Ruling-Class Tax Evasion on a Global Scale"
‘Pandora papers’ put capitalism on trial (10/6/2021) - This article, written by Tony Saunois, was originally published on, the website of the Committee for a Workers’ International (CWI). The explosive leaking of 6.4 million documents and 1.2 million emails, the ‘Pandora papers’, showing the grotesque activities of the super-rich, stashing billions of US$ in offshore accounts to avoid tax and to launderContinue reading "‘Pandora papers’ put capitalism on trial"
Tenet Corporation: Rehire All the MNA Nurses On Strike! (9/26/2021) - Worcester Independent Socialist Group continues to stand with the union nurses on strike at St. Vincent Hospital. The strike of the Massachusetts Nurses Association (MNA) nurses at St. Vincent is now the longest in Massachusetts history. We joined the MNA nurses on strike, other unions, activists, and community members on the picket line for theContinue reading "Tenet Corporation: Rehire All the MNA Nurses On Strike!"
Climate Change Crisis Needs a Socialist Solution (9/15/2021) - No longer a vague threat on the horizon, people worldwide are beginning to suffer through ecological and climate disasters. All of these disasters are, for lack of a better phrase, only the tip of the iceberg. In all of these instances, it is working people who are hit the hardest, and who suffer the most from climate disasters.
Supreme Court Refuses to Challenge Texas Abortion Ban—Build a Socialist Fightback! (9/5/2021) - Texas’s abortion law, which went into effect on Aug 31, bans abortions after 6 weeks—before most women even know they’re pregnant. In fact, 90% of abortions in Texas happen after the 6-week mark. It also offers $10,000 to any person who successfully sues either an abortion provider or anyone involved in facilitating an abortion, evenContinue reading "Supreme Court Refuses to Challenge Texas Abortion Ban—Build a Socialist Fightback!"
Withdrawal from Afghanistan Bruises U.S. Imperialism (9/1/2021) - by Elisabeth Wichser On August 10th, Biden announced that a Taliban takeover of Afghanistan was “not inevitable.” Five days later, Kabul fell to the Taliban. The images of people storming the U.S.-controlled airport, clinging to planes that were taking off, and filling cargo planes give a sense of the fear and chaos in Kabul. ThereContinue reading "Withdrawal from Afghanistan Bruises U.S. Imperialism"
Keep Fascists out of Portland, ME: Build a Mass Movement to Fight the Right (8/27/2021) - The danger of violent far-right hate groups has not disappeared along with Trump. In Portland, Maine, members of the Proud Boys—a white supremacist hate group—have been meeting in Mathew’s Pub for months, as reported by Mainer on July 20th. These meetings are bringing the threat of far-right violence to our city and beyond, and mustContinue reading "Keep Fascists out of Portland, ME: Build a Mass Movement to Fight the Right"

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