Monkeypox: Next Capitalist Health Crisis

by Milena Germon and Ben Desjarlais According to the World Health Organization (WHO), COVID-19 has infected over 600 million people worldwide and accounted for over 6 million deaths–although bias and underreporting factors could mean that the data we have is a conservative guess at best. When the pandemic initially took hold, it became clear thatContinue reading “Monkeypox: Next Capitalist Health Crisis”

No Future for Youth Under Capitalism

by Ashley Rogers Young people today are feeling increasingly trapped by the capitalist system. The over 3.5 million high school graduates in America this year are in a precarious position. The minimum wage remains at $7.25 an hour nationwide—with it, the skyrocketing cost of living. In some areas, jobs are forced to pay $15/hr, butContinue reading “No Future for Youth Under Capitalism”

Workers and Youth Need Fare-Free Transit Now!

by Katt McCann In June of this year, gas prices went up to an average of nearly five dollars a gallon for residents of major cities nationwide, causing many workers to abandon their cars and look towards their local public transit. However, the crumbling public transit infrastructure in the United States means there is littleContinue reading “Workers and Youth Need Fare-Free Transit Now!”

Kansas Abortion Ban Referendum Defeated

by Elizabeth Rogers In 1973, the Supreme Court ruled in Roe v Wade to federally protect abortion rights in the United States. Less than 50 years later, the Supreme Court overturned it in June 2022. This landmark decision means states now have the individual power to determine if abortion is legal. As a result, 136Continue reading “Kansas Abortion Ban Referendum Defeated”

Why ISG Supports the Massachusetts Fair Share Amendment

By Josh B.  The Massachusetts Fair Share Amendment is a ballot question up for vote in the November 2022 elections. It would introduce a tax on residents of Massachusetts making more than $1 million in annual income, raising the state tax rate from 5% to 9% for every dollar earned after the first million. ThisContinue reading “Why ISG Supports the Massachusetts Fair Share Amendment”

Gas Companies Price-gouging Workers

by Ryan Vuz Workers around the country are now paying an average of $5 for a gallon of gasoline: a situation which only seems to be getting worse. Some economists are predicting that the price of a barrel of oil may surge to upwards of $175 from its current price of around $105 as ofContinue reading “Gas Companies Price-gouging Workers”

Interview: Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) Graduate Workers Unionizing

Photo: Unionizing WPI graduate workers with WPI- Graduate Workers Union (WPI-GWU) out in solidarity with unionizing baristas at the Worcester Starbucks. Photo by Claire Bayler ISG interviewed Jake Scarponi, a graduate student worker at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) in Worcester, Massachusetts. Jake studies Materials Science and Engineering, and is part of the effort to formContinue reading “Interview: Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) Graduate Workers Unionizing”

Working Class Mobilization to Beat Back Chipotle Union Busting!

In June, workers at an Augusta, Maine Chipotle restaurant successfully filed for a union election, which if they win would make them the first unionized location in the $43 billion multinational chain. Many different companies previously unchallenged by union drives have been facing campaigns from workers, including Starbucks, Amazon, Apple, and Trader Joe’s. In theContinue reading “Working Class Mobilization to Beat Back Chipotle Union Busting!”

Biden breaks student loan promises and ends payment freeze

by Char Scott Millions of Americans have benefited from the student loan freeze implemented during the start of the pandemic, and many rightfully demand forgiveness for all student loans. Higher education should be a right, but it’s prohibitively expensive for most of the working class. Moreover, the huge costs of attending college are growing worseContinue reading “Biden breaks student loan promises and ends payment freeze”

Corporations and Government Failed to Address Baby Formula Shortage

By Angus McFarland Parenting has never been easy for working people, and during the last few years the challenges have doubled and redoubled.  Precarious work, absence of paid parental leave, and low wages have created conditions where both parents (in a two parent household) must work as soon and as much as possible after theirContinue reading “Corporations and Government Failed to Address Baby Formula Shortage”