Pride 2023: Defend and Extend Trans Rights

Emery Addams & Claire BaylerPortland, ME / Worcester, MAHealthcare worker (personal capacity) On Saturday, April 1, 2023, in Portland, Maine, roughly 25 neo-Nazis organized a march to City Hall and assaulted a group of counter-protestors opposing the fascists. The attack took place in front of the police, who took no action. This march is onlyContinue reading “Pride 2023: Defend and Extend Trans Rights”

Trump Indicted, Capitalist Political Crisis Continues

Claire BaylerWorcester, MA On March 30, 2023, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg (D) formally charged Donald Trump in one of four major court cases connected to his presidency. The results of the four major cases could impact Trump’s 2024 presidential campaign, announced November 15, 2022. As the Independent Socialist Group (ISG) reported during the 2020Continue reading “Trump Indicted, Capitalist Political Crisis Continues”

Why We Need Public Ownership of the Railroads

by Nicholas Wurst & Claire BaylerWorcester, MASMART-TD Local 1473 (personal capacity) & Railroad Workers United (personal capacity) In October of 2022, amid the highly contentious battle over the Class 1 freight railroad workers’ contract, Railroad Workers United (RWU) adopted a resolution calling for public ownership of the railroads. RWU is an activist organization of rank-and-fileContinue reading “Why We Need Public Ownership of the Railroads”

International Workers Day 2023: Bring Back the Power Of The Strike

Union organizing elections increased by 50% last year, and unions won 72% of them. These included high-profile organizing victories at Amazon, Starbucks, Trader Joe’s, MIT, Boston University, and many other workplaces. Public support for unions polled around 70%, the highest level of support since 1965.  Despite the victories and increased support for unions, only oneContinue reading “International Workers Day 2023: Bring Back the Power Of The Strike”

No Cuts to Medicaid! Fight for Universal Healthcare

Millions Lose Medicaid Coverage in Biden’s “Unwinding” by Emery Addams and Milena GermonPortland, ME As COVID-19 spread across the globe in 2020, the U.S. federal government declared a Public Health Emergency (PHE). Working-class people were—and still are—getting sick and dying rapidly. The PHE declaration offered a bandaid measure: temporarily increasing access and eligibility for MedicaidContinue reading “No Cuts to Medicaid! Fight for Universal Healthcare”

Interview with a Teamster: Union Busting & Corporate Maneuvers at UPS

by Nicholas Marcotte Ronan Foley has worked as a part-time package handler at the UPS hub in Shrewsbury, MA for over a year and is a member of Teamsters Local 170 and the Independent Socialist Group. UPS is not only one of the largest logistics companies in the world, but also is one of theContinue reading “Interview with a Teamster: Union Busting & Corporate Maneuvers at UPS”

SHOCKS TO THE SYSTEM: Workers Shouldn’t Pay for Banking Crisis

A bank run on Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) in mid-March led to its collapse. It’s the second-largest bank failure in US banking history behind the collapse of Washington Mutual during the 2008 “great recession.” As panic from the collapse of SVB rolled through the system, the federal government closed Signature Bank in New York, resulting in the third-largest bank failure in US history. 

PUBLIC MEETING – Solidarity with UPS Workers: Prepare to Strike for a Strong Contract!

Join us for a public meeting with UPS Teamsters and union activists to discuss how we can best support UPS workers in the contract fight!Featuring Speakers Nick Wurst and Ronan Foley. Nick Wurst is a freight train conductor, member of ISG and SMART-TD. He is also a member of the International Steering Committee of RailroadContinue reading “PUBLIC MEETING – Solidarity with UPS Workers: Prepare to Strike for a Strong Contract!”

NYC Public Sector Workers Fight Attacks on Pay and Healthcare

Rank & File Union Members Organizing Photo: Packed NYC Labor Notes session about the Public Sector Rank and File (PSRF) initiative. by Daniel Neuman NYCUnited Federation of Teachers (UFT) (personal capacity) The current period is a tumultuous time for New York City (NYC) municipal workers as old contracts expire and new contracts are negotiated. TheContinue reading “NYC Public Sector Workers Fight Attacks on Pay and Healthcare”

Biden Approves Willow Pipeline: Democrats Won’t End Climate Change

On March 13th, the Biden Administration announced that they had approved “Project Willow.” Despite pledging to not approve any new oil pipeline projects during the 2020 election, Biden has clearly given in to his true constituency, the fossil fuel industry and other sections of the capitalist class who will be made even richer by thisContinue reading “Biden Approves Willow Pipeline: Democrats Won’t End Climate Change”