Worcester Telegram & Gazette Attacks Striking Nurses

by Sarah Beth Gable SEIU Local 509 (Personal Capacity) “What You Need to Know about the St. Vincent Strike” ran in the Worcester Telegram and Gazette (T&G) on March 31. A more accurate title would have been “Why you should feel bad for Tenet Healthcare.” Tenet, a multibillion-dollar, multistate conglomerate, owns and operates St. Vincent HospitalContinue reading “Worcester Telegram & Gazette Attacks Striking Nurses”

Workers are Essential. CEOs are Not.

International Workers’ Day 2021 marks a year of intense struggle for the global working class. “Essential workers” won praise from corporate media throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, but big corporations attacked the working class through mass job cuts and unsafe conditions while collecting government subsidies. For example, Amazon’s profits increased by 200% during the COVID crisis.Continue reading “Workers are Essential. CEOs are Not.”

St. Vincent Nurses’ Strike is a Fight for the Soul of Worcester’s Future

By Bryant William Sculos, Ph.D.Visiting Assistant Professor of Political Science, Worcester State UniversityMSCA Worcester and Independent Socialist Group (ISG) member (writing in his personal capacity) Op-ed written for publication in the Worcester T&G as one of the solidarity actions requested by the Massachusetts Nurses Association (MNA) & striking nurses. Having spent hours on the picketContinue reading “St. Vincent Nurses’ Strike is a Fight for the Soul of Worcester’s Future”

Chauvin Convicted! The Movement Must Continue for Real Change

Many in the U.S. and around the world are celebrating the conviction of Derek Chauvin, the police officer who murdered George Floyd last May. The guilty verdict on all three charges—third-degree murder, second-degree manslaughter, and second-degree unintentional murder—is a welcome one. The verdict shows the power of the BLM movement from last summer and inContinue reading “Chauvin Convicted! The Movement Must Continue for Real Change”

Latest Police Killings Re-Ignite Protests; Movement Needs Organized Anti-Racist Struggle!

by Ashley Rogers On April 11th, Daunte Wright was murdered by police during a traffic stop in Brooklyn Center, a city bordering Minneapolis, Minnesota. Following last year’s huge wave of protests over George Floyd’s murder at the hands of Minneanapolis police officer Derek Chauvin—who is on trial only ten miles from where Wright was killed—thisContinue reading “Latest Police Killings Re-Ignite Protests; Movement Needs Organized Anti-Racist Struggle!”

Amazon’s Vicious Anti-Union Campaign Defeats Bessemer Union Drive

What methods could have won? by Ashley Rogers For the last several months, the urgently needed union campaign to organize 5,800 workers at Amazon’s Bessemer, Alabama warehouse raised the hopes of many Amazon workers and working people across the U.S. The union drive gained national attention. Many believed there was enough momentum and support forContinue reading “Amazon’s Vicious Anti-Union Campaign Defeats Bessemer Union Drive”

Striking Nurses Speak at ISG Solidarity Meeting

On March 22, Worcester Independent Socialist Group (ISG) organized a public meeting in solidarity with the nurses on strike against the Tenet Healthcare Corporation, owner of St. Vincent Hospital in Worcester, Massachusetts. ISG supports the nurses 110% and will do whatever we can to support the strike. We are regularly walking the picket line withContinue reading “Striking Nurses Speak at ISG Solidarity Meeting”


Worcester Independent Socialist Group (ISG) continues to support union nurses on strike at St. Vincent Hospital in Worcester. The nurses on strike are members of the Massachusetts Nurses Association (MNA), fighting for safe staffing and other improvements in patient care, and safe working conditions. The MNA also fought for safe staffing limits before the pandemicContinue reading “SOLIDARITY WITH ST. VINCENT NURSES – WIN THE STRIKE!”

BREAKING: All Charges Dropped Against Anti-racist Protestors in Worcester, MA!

Activists and protesters in Worcester, Massachusetts have cause for celebration! All remaining charges against the protestors and bystanders attacked and arrested during anti-racist protests on June 1st, 2020 have been dropped! The Worcester Police Department’s attacks against the Black Lives Matter movement and our right to protest have been defeated.  At the last court hearingContinue reading “BREAKING: All Charges Dropped Against Anti-racist Protestors in Worcester, MA!”

Solidarity with the MNA strike at St Vincent’s – from Nottingham in the UK

Dear MNA, Nottingham Socialist Party has heard about the strike at St Vincent’s through the Independent Socialist Group and have seen the powerful video at End Understaffing at St. Vincent’s Hospital! We want to express our complete solidarity with your struggle. The health, welfare and dignity of patients should be paramount; that requires management to ensureContinue reading “Solidarity with the MNA strike at St Vincent’s – from Nottingham in the UK”