About Us

The Independent Socialist Group is an organization working to build a new socialist party, fighting in our workplaces and communities against the exploitation and injustices working people face every day under capitalism. We believe a united working class has the power to fight against poverty and homelessness, rising costs of education, useless wars, and budget cuts in public services; to fight for a living wage and quality, free healthcare for all; to fight back against racism, sexism, and attacks on immigrants and LGBTQ people; and to resolve the climate crisis.

In order to win, we need to organize unions for workers who have none, and change existing unions to be more democratic and more powerful. We need to connect the labor movement to other movements for social justice, using the strength of an increasingly organized working class to fight to win our struggles, not just to engage in symbolic protest.

While the Republicans are open enemies of the working class, the Democratic Party also consistently attacks the living standards of working people, and refuses to roll back Republican attacks when elected to power. To fight back against the two corporate parties – the Republicans and Democrats – we work alongside other groups to build a new independent political party of workers and young people that fights for the needs of the working class.

We see the global capitalist system as the root cause of economic crises, poverty, discrimination, war, and environmental destruction. As capitalism moves deeper into crisis, a new generation of workers and youth must join together to take the economy into public ownership under democratic control by the people in order to plan production for the needs of society and continued survival of the planet.

The struggle against the world-wide system of capitalism needs to be international, and we need to link our fight to the working classes of all countries, and to build solidarity with socialist and workers organizations across the globe.

We are for socialism and democracy where working people will have control of society and the economy. But the ruling class won’t give up without a fight.

We stand in political solidarity with the Committee for a Worker’s International which organizes around the world.

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