Monthly newspaper with news and analysis for working class people and youth! The newspaper can be purchased in-person at our events or tables or subscribed to online.

Local Publications

The Worcester Organizer, Worcester’s independent left publication, is written and produced by Worcester Independent Socialist Group (formerly Worcester Socialist Alternative) to give our city a truly working class perspective on local, national, and international politics. 


Socialism Today is the monthly magazine of the Socialist Party (England and Wales). With an extensive worldwide readership, it provide up-to-date analysis, from a socialist perspective, of events in Britain and internationally. Our articles and reports are written by socialists participating in struggles of workers, young people, women, students, and minorities.


Left Books is the used and new bookstore for the Committee for a Worker’s International. It contains classics from throughout socialist history as well as publications by various sections of the CWI.


Socialist Books is the publishing house for the Socialist Party of England and Wales.

Online is the online resource for Marxist classics and theory curated by the Committee for a Worker’s International

Militant International Review archive shares scanned copies of the Militant (now Socialist Party of England & Wales) theoretical journal known as Militant International Review which ran from 1969-1995. There are also some scanned back issues of the Militant newspaper, as well as pamphlets and leaflets. Scans provided by Splits & Fusions.

Other Useful Material

Marxist Internet Archives is an all-volunteer, non-profit public library that makes classic Marxist texts available to the public online. Texts are available in 63 different languages. EBOOKS/AUDIO BOOKS