Anti-Racism & Anti-Sexism

Systemic Racism in Healthcare and the Need for Socialism (8/23/2020) - Americans are continually bombarded by the idea that the only way to defeat Trump and the Republicans is to “vote blue no matter who,” but has this ever actually worked?
Who’s Afraid of the Black Panthers? Lessons from the Black Panther Party (7/19/2020) - by Samuel Skinner As Marx correctly noted in the Communist Manifesto, the ruling ideas in any era are the ideas of the ruling class. The history that is published in school textbooks and made into TV mini-series is distorted in order to protect and support the capitalist system. Popular narratives of the Civil Rights movementContinue reading "Who’s Afraid of the Black Panthers? Lessons from the Black Panther Party"
Lessons from the Civil Rights Movement (7/11/2020) - Black Lives Matter: A New Take on an Old Struggleby Elisabeth Wichser After the murder of George Floyd at the hands of four Minneapolis police officers on May 25, millions took to the streets around the world to voice their outrage that yet another black person was murdered for the crime of existing in aContinue reading "Lessons from the Civil Rights Movement"
Black and white youth rise up against racism—US protester speaks with UK Socialist Party organizers (6/12/2020) - Black Lives Matter protest in Minnesota following the killing of George Floyd in May 2020 (Fibonacci Blue via Flickr // CC BY 2.0).  Emery Addams from the Independent Socialist Group spoke to the Socialist Party in England and Wales—co-thinkers of the Independent Socialist Group—about the significance of the mass anti-racist protests shaking the US, outliningContinue reading "Black and white youth rise up against racism—US protester speaks with UK Socialist Party organizers"
COVID-19 podría ser una sentencia de muerte para miles de prisioneros (6/9/2020) - For the millions of people incarcerated by the United States, social distancing is not an option. COVID-19 will kill untold numbers of inmates in prisons and ICE detention facilities unless we act now! A movement of the working class is essential to dismantling the Prison-Industrial complex, and building a socialist world.
Somali Public Trade Union: Statement of Solidarity (6/6/2020) - Solidarity with the Struggle of the Workers and People of USA Against Barbarism SPTU,Is an Independent trade union Based in Somalia an affiliated of the WFTU, expresses its solidarity with the workers and the people of the United States who are on the streets of rage against barbarism and misery. The assassination of George FloydContinue reading "Somali Public Trade Union: Statement of Solidarity"
What’s Next for the Anti-Racist Movement? (6/5/2020) - The protests against racism and police violence that have exploded across the country are an expression of deep anger at an unjust system. What happens next will determine whether the protests lead to lasting change. We need to build a truly mass movement to unite workers of all races in the struggle against capitalism and the racist inequality and violence that the system was founded upon. Only a multi-racial working-class movement has the power to win demands like demilitarizing the police, convicting killer cops, ending the war on drugs, and community control of the police.

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