Anti-Racism & Anti-Sexism

Some Charges Dismissed – Solidarity Campaign Continues (11/21/2020) - by Samuel Skinner Yesterday, November 20th, court proceedings began for the people arrested back in June in Worcester, MA while participating in the anti-racist movement. On the night of June 1st, heavily armed Worcester Police followed and antagonized a group of peaceful protesters in the Main South neighborhood, before indiscriminately attacking and arresting protesters andContinue reading "Some Charges Dismissed – Solidarity Campaign Continues"
SOLIDARITY CAMPAIGN: Drop The Charges — Defend the Anti-Racist Movement (11/13/2020) - On June 1st, Worcester police and tactical units instigated an attack on anti-racist protesters in yet another example of rampant police brutality. Following a protest at City Hall against the racist murder of George Floyd, police cornered a small march and filled the streets with enough pepper balls and smoke grenades to make it throughContinue reading "SOLIDARITY CAMPAIGN: Drop The Charges — Defend the Anti-Racist Movement"
Breonna Taylor’s Killers Defended by US Injustice System (9/25/2020) - Anti-racist movement must call mass protests nationwide Of the Louisville police officers responsible for the death of Breonna Taylor, only one has been charged, 4 months after her killing. That officer is charged with “wanton endangerment” for firing rounds that hit a neighboring apartment. Two officers have had their actions ruled as “justified” and willContinue reading "Breonna Taylor’s Killers Defended by US Injustice System"
Un programa socialista para luchar contra el racismo y la brutalidad policial (9/1/2020) - Lea aquí el nuevo folleto del Grupo Socialista Independiente contra el racismo y la brutalidad policial Protestas explosivas contra la brutalidad policial han surgido en todo Estados Unidos tras los asesinatos de George Floyd, Breonna Taylor y Ahmaud Arbery. Nosotros, en el Grupo Socialista Independiente, hemos redactado el siguiente programa en respuesta. Esperamos que puedaContinue reading "Un programa socialista para luchar contra el racismo y la brutalidad policial"
Shootings in WI Show Need for Anti-Racist Movement to Step Up Pressure (8/28/2020) - On August 23rd Jacob Blake was shot in the back seven times by police in Wisconsin. The shooting has left him paralyzed. Why was Blake shot? Because he was walking away from a fight he tried to de-escalate until police arrived. Yet when the police arrived, the situation became tragic. On the night of AugustContinue reading "Shootings in WI Show Need for Anti-Racist Movement to Step Up Pressure"
Systemic Racism in Healthcare and the Need for Socialism (8/23/2020) - Americans are continually bombarded by the idea that the only way to defeat Trump and the Republicans is to “vote blue no matter who,” but has this ever actually worked?
Who’s Afraid of the Black Panthers? Lessons from the Black Panther Party (7/19/2020) - by Samuel Skinner As Marx correctly noted in the Communist Manifesto, the ruling ideas in any era are the ideas of the ruling class. The history that is published in school textbooks and made into TV mini-series is distorted in order to protect and support the capitalist system. Popular narratives of the Civil Rights movementContinue reading "Who’s Afraid of the Black Panthers? Lessons from the Black Panther Party"

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