Labor Struggles & Solidarity

Union Victory for Starbucks Workers in Biddeford, Maine! (7/14/2022) - by Emery Addams, Maine Education Association (personal capacity) Earlier today, the Starbucks workers in Biddeford, Maine, joined the ranks of over 170 other recently organized Starbucks locations by winning their union vote. Workers across the country have said no to unlivable wages, unsafe working conditions, and exploitation from the bosses of a multimillion-dollar company thatContinue reading "Union Victory for Starbucks Workers in Biddeford, Maine!"
Supply Chain Crisis Deepens – Interview with a Rail Worker (6/27/2022) - by Sam Skinner Nicholas Wurst is a freight conductor in Massachusetts for CSX and is a member of SMART-TD, one of the rail unions. Previously he worked in an intermodal yard for CSX and was a member of TCU/IAM. He is a  member of the Independent Socialist Group.  The news is full of stories aboutContinue reading "Supply Chain Crisis Deepens – Interview with a Rail Worker"
Reform Coalition Wins High School Division in NYC Teachers Union Elections (6/23/2022) - by Danny Neuman (United Federation of Teachers, personal capacity) On May 19th, the American Arbitration Association finished tallying the results of the 2022 United Federation of Teachers (UFT) leadership election. The election occurred against the backdrop of record high job dissatisfaction among school staff, much of which is due to failures among government and administratorsContinue reading "Reform Coalition Wins High School Division in NYC Teachers Union Elections"
Maine Med Nurses Picket for Good First Contract (6/20/2022) - by M. Germon April 27 2022: Union nurses and supporters picket for first contract at Maine Med. (National Nurses United) After eight long months of negotiations, the nurses at Maine Medical Center are turning up the heat. Hundreds of people showed up in solidarity to an informational picket organized by the Maine Med nurses’ unionContinue reading "Maine Med Nurses Picket for Good First Contract"
International Workers Day 2022: Momentum at Amazon & Starbucks (4/30/2022) - By Nicholas Wurst (Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation Workers Local 1473) and Evren Pallares Ó Laoghaire (Teamsters Local 170) A version of this article was originally published in the May issue of Socialism Today, available now! Subscribe here. This year, there is something more to celebrate on International Workers Day, May 1st. A seriesContinue reading "International Workers Day 2022: Momentum at Amazon & Starbucks"
Education in Crisis: A Conversation Between Educators (4/21/2022) - Emery A., a union paraeducator in Saco, ME recently spoke with B, a union public school IT worker in Worcester, MA about the current work conditions in public education. Both are members of ISG. E: Many educators across the country have spoken out about severe staffing and resource shortages which have been worsened by theContinue reading "Education in Crisis: A Conversation Between Educators"
St. Vincent Nurses End Historic Strike (3/25/2022) - The longest strike in the U.S. in 2021 and the longest nurses strike in Massachusetts history ended in January 2022 when union nurses voted to ratify a new contract. 700 members of the Massachusetts Nurses Association (MNA) were on strike for 10 months against Tenet  Corporation, owners of St. Vincent Hospital in Worcester, Massachusetts. The courage and tenacity of the nurses in this strike needs to be publicly acknowledged and remembered. It’s crucial for working people to discuss the strike for future struggles around better healthcare and a stronger labor movement. 

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