Report from a Front-line Nurse

UMass Memorial Nurse (Massachusetts Nurses Association, personal capacity) The initial shortages of the pandemic are no longer being discussed. Are they over? Do you feel safe in the workplace? Do you and your co-workers have access to proper supplies?  Is there adequate testing? Coronavirus cases are rising in Massachusetts once again. More of our patientsContinue reading “Report from a Front-line Nurse”

CWI: Capitalism cause of disproportionate disabled deaths and isolation

Covid-19 has disproportionately hit disabled people. This is one of the effects of capitalist society, which is disabling and puts profit before lives, including the people it disables. Around one-fifth of the population of England and Wales has its “activities limited because of a health problem or disability” to some degree. But this group has represented almost three-fifths of official Covid deaths! The current economic crisis and its threat of further austerity will only make this worse.

Urgent Need for a US National Health Service!

Private healthcare delivers profits, not care – and it’s killing us. We need universal free healthcare now!
– Free Universal Healthcare for all, funded by taxing big business and slashing the bloated military budget!
– No furloughs, no layoffs, and no benefits cuts for hospital staff during the crisis! For proper PPE, workplace sanitation, sick leave, and hazard pay!

Coronavirus exposes capitalism’s healthcare weaknesses

This article was originally written for, the website of the Committee for a Workers’ International, by Steve Score. Tragedies like the deaths from novel coronavirus, over 400 at the time of writing, are never just ‘natural disasters’. They are not isolated from society. They are impacted by capitalism and also have an effect onContinue reading “Coronavirus exposes capitalism’s healthcare weaknesses”

Coronavirus: capitalism limits response to viral outbreaks

This article was originally written for, the website of the Committee for a Workers’ International, by Jon Dale. For the third time in 20 years, a new virus has spread from animals to humans. It began on 29 December in Wuhan, a Chinese city of eleven million, probably crossing to humans at a liveContinue reading “Coronavirus: capitalism limits response to viral outbreaks”

Big Pharma: End profiteering from health

This article was originally published on, the website of the Committee for a Workers’ International, by Adam Goulcher. The issue of allowing US corporations access to the NHS and the affect this could have on the cost of drugs has featured prominently during the election campaign. Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, recently announced thatContinue reading “Big Pharma: End profiteering from health”