Solidarity With Portland Starbucks Union!

In a historic win on October 17, the Portland Starbucks location on 176 Middle Street voted to unionize. The 10-3 win makes the Middle Street location the first Starbucks to unionize in Portland, and the second Starbucks in Maine, right after the Biddeford location that successfully organized back in July. Both now join the ranks of over 250 unionized Starbucks across the country. Workers at both Maine locations voiced the need for a union due to poor working conditions, high turnover, and wages that don’t keep up with the skyrocketing cost of living. 

More and more workers across the country are saying the same thing: we not only deserve better, but we demand better. The nurses at Portland’s Maine Medical Center, for example, voted in favor of a union again in August after management’s union-busting attempt to decertify them. After the re-vote, the percentage of RNs in favor of the union went from 57% to 74%, which clearly shows that when we unite, we have a far better chance at having our needs met. We must connect these struggles with others in the labor movement in Maine and nationwide, to fight for better conditions for all.

The Maine Independent Socialist Group stands in solidarity with Starbucks workers and all workers in their efforts to organize!