Socialism Episode 82: Trotsky, fascism, and the ‘united front’

Socialism is a weekly podcast produced by the Socialist Party of England and Wales, offering a Marxist analysis of the issues we face and the struggles of workers and youth around the world.

Episode 82, the latest episode of the podcast, looks at fighting anti-worker reaction: Trotsky, fascism and the ‘united front’:

What is fascism and how can we fight it?

In the 1930s, mass fascist movements smashed the workers’ organizations. Today, far-right and right-populist forces are again growing in prominence. So what can we learn from history?

What exactly is fascism? Is a fascist dictatorship possible today? What distinguishes it from other authoritarian regimes?

Do these political differences mean tactical differences in how workers should fight them? What’s the difference between a ‘popular front’ and a ‘united front’? And why do you have to be anti-capitalist to succeed as an anti-fascist?

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Image credit: Public Domain