COVID-19 Could Be a Death Sentence for Thousands of Prisoners

For the millions of people incarcerated by the United States, social distancing is not an option. COVID-19 will kill untold numbers of inmates in prisons and ICE detention facilities unless we act now! A movement of the working class is essential to dismantling the Prison-Industrial complex, and building a socialist world.

International Workers Day – CWI Organizes Around the World

The global shutdown didn’t stop the workers’ movement and the Committee for a Workers’ International from celebrating International Workers Day on May 1st! The pandemic and economic crisis made this day of traditional struggle more important than ever. Check out the international rallies that ISG members spoke at on May 1st about how to organize the fight for universal free healthcare and job protection in the US!

International Workers’ Day 2020: Lives on the line as the capitalists order us back to work

International Workers’ Day, also known as May Day, was born from the titanic struggle of the working class for the eight-hour workday, and throughout the years it has served as a flash point for workers’ struggles. Many past May Day struggles have been about workplace safety, and have meant life or death for the workers involved. This year, workers globally are organizing against capitalism’s failed response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Covid-19: Bosses put lives at risk with push for ‘exit strategy’

There are genuine concerns among many people about the effects of a prolonged lockdown on jobs, mental health, education and domestic abuse. But here, as in other countries around the world, it is big business and their representatives in government who are baying the loudest for a way out of lockdown – and their main concern is not the health and welfare of working people but preserving their profits.

Covid-19: Economic catastrophe spurs state intervention and workers’ resistance

Presently, there is no escape from the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. The world is going through a huge turning point. Tens of thousands have died and tens of millions have lost their jobs and livelihoods, often plunged into debt or left without money to buy food and other essentials. In country after country, life and the economy, especially in urban areas, have almost come to a complete halt. As the virus continues to spread its impact on health, economic and social life deepens.