Happy New Year From The Independent Socialist Group!

Friends and supporters,

Independent Socialist Group (ISG) would like to thank everyone who has supported us in our work in 2022. In the past year we launched our newspaper, Socialism Today. Issue #9, which we just completed, is our first issue for 2023, our second year of publication. We organized and participated in actions around fighting the far-right, opposing imperialist war, defending and extending abortion rights, protecting LGBTQ+ rights, and the ongoing COVID crisis.

Our efforts in the labor movement and the unions included active solidarity or direct participation as members in the St. Vincent nurses strike, the longest nurses strike in MA history, DHL teamsters on strike in Pawtucket RI, Starbucks workers organizing in multiple states, teachers on strike and protesting in the Massachusetts Teachers Association (MTA), railroad workers fighting for a good national contract, graduate workers organizing at WPI and striking at Clark in Worcester MA, UPS teamsters gearing up for this year’s contract battle, and nurses in Portland Maine. We have spoken publicly at rallies and organized for the need for rank-and-file led unions with leadership willing to take the fight to the capitalist class with militant tactics, as well as taking up the fight for causes like reproductive rights through the Union Power for Reproductive Justice campaign that we helped initiate.

For our paper and social media, we interviewed socialists, graduate workers, railroad workers, teamsters, coffee shop workers, education workers, and hospital workers.

We have launched local branches of ISG in Portland, ME and Boston, MA, as well as continuing our work in Worcester, MA. We have members organizing in NYC, Providence RI, Chicago, and a number of other cities in the US.

We published around 80 articles, some of the most popular can be found here:

  1. https://independentsocialistgroup.org/2022/04/30/international-workers-day-2022-momentum-at-amazon-starbucks/
  2. https://independentsocialistgroup.org/2022/05/05/workers-wont-go-back-build-a-movement-to-defend-and-expand-abortion-rights/
  3. https://independentsocialistgroup.org/2022/01/15/unions-fighting-back-and-the-need-for-socialism/
  4.  https://independentsocialistgroup.org/2022/12/02/democrats-lead-bipartisan-assault-on-right-to-strike/

We need your help to continue the fight for socialism in 2023! First and foremost, ISG is always looking for workers and young people who are interested in being part of building an organization like ours, you can send us your contact information here to discuss getting involved! https://independentsocialistgroup.org/join-us/

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Thank you for all your support!

-The Independent Socialist Group