Meet A Socialist – March/April 2022

by Roza Hebb

My socialist identity is the result of examining the world and my place in it. My decision to join ISG was because of its action-oriented nature.

As a socialist, I seek change. I want to see a world where necessities are not commodities. I want to see a world where workers being exploited is not viewed as a simple fact of life.

Would life be far simpler if I did not choose to work towards socialism? I do not believe that was ever a choice for me. Once someone knows the many failings of the capitalist system, they must either fight it or be complicit. I am a member of the generation who cannot, in their own best interest, choose to be complicit to capitalism. 

My generation has seen the horrors of capitalism not just on the news and in our communities, but on our own futures. I do not have a retirement fund. This is partially because of my relatively low income, but the real reason is that I do not see a future for myself or my generation under capitalism. I see the looming threat of climate catastrophe and the ever-increasing wealth inequality. 

Despite all of this, I am not a pessimist. When I say I am a socialist, I mean I am an optimist. I believe that there is still a chance to create a better world – one where the youth can expect a better quality of life than their parents, not worse. I work to build a society where people may participate without sacrificing themselves.

As many people do, I first learned of socialism academically. However, it was only after meeting socialists in the real world and seeing what they do for the sake of the community that I wanted to join them and be a socialist myself. 

I chose to join ISG to act on my socialist identity because the first time I saw the organization was at a table on campus. For me it was so refreshing and inspiring to see comrades on the ground engaging with the community, and I knew instantly that I wanted to get involved.