2020 Elections: Build a Working-Class Fightback!

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Thursday, November 12, 2020, at 7 PM EST – 8:30 PM EST on Zoom


The four years of Donald Trump’s presidency have been a total disaster for working people. The racism, sexism, and bigotry that was on display throughout the 2016 elections characterized his entire term, with massive expansions of refugee detention, continued deportations, attacks on women’s rights, an emboldened far-right, and police backed to the hilt against anti-racist protestors.

Trump’s and the Republican Party’s false promises to workers were proven to be nothing but empty words: wages have not increased, manufacturing has not been brought back from overseas, jobs and prosperity have not returned to working-class communities around the country that have been devastated by neoliberal capitalism in the last decades. In fact, the Trump administration actively attacked workers’ rights and unions through the National Labor Relations Board and Department of Labor, as the Supreme Court approved the anti-union Janus decision. Despite his claim to “drain the swamp” of insider politics, his administration has continued the same fundamental direction as the Obama administration before that, and all the administrations of the past 50 years. Trump pushed through tax breaks for the wealthy, poured coronavirus relief into the bank accounts of big business, all while millions have lost their jobs and insurance. However, Trump’s main opponent, Joe Biden, promises no real change. He aims to return the US to the disastrous Obama years, including increased military spending and more funding for the police. Biden brags about defeating “socialism” and continues Democratic Party policies such as refusing to back Medicare-for-All in the middle of the worst pandemic in a century, and refusing to ban fracking as the climate crisis worsens. Biden has made it very clear that whoever wins the presidency they will carry out a program of attacks on working people and defend capitalism at all costs.

Join the Independent Socialist Group to discuss election results, what program working people need to fight back, and how we can organize a new political party for workers and youth!