Put Pressure on City Officials – Join the Call-in Campaign!

On June 1st, 2020, nineteen protestors and bystanders were brutality arrested by Worcester Police for the crime of exercising their right of free speech! The Independent Socialist Group formed this solidarity campaign to fight back against the political arrests and trumped-up charges of anti-racist protestors, and to defend the right of workers everywhere to protest against injustice! Read more about the solidarity campaign here.

Since June 1st, city councilors have stood by the side of Worcester Police, thanking them for their “tremendous restraint” as they give hundreds of thousands to a police department whose brutality on June 1st was even confirmed by an independent law firm acting on behalf of one of the city’s largest universities. The longer the Worcester DA continues to push for these repressive charges, the longer City Councilors go without condemning or even acknowledging the arrests on June 1st, the clearer it becomes that city officials have little concern for the rights and conditions of the people they are supposed to represent!

The solidarity campaign needs your help to put pressure on these inactive officials, and to show them that the people of Worcester will not stand by as our rights are eroded! Contact the following officials, and make sure they know on which side the community expects them to stand!

Worcester District Attorney

Use our sample call-in script!

Worcester City Council